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Our Services:

 At BSC Value Added Service Entity our mastery & understanding of data matched with our Internet-of-Things know-how comes to fruition. Our ability to pinpoint value creation points in addition to developing enterprise software & interfaces is quickly becoming unmatched in the region. Due to our unique ability to rapidly deploy our in-demand solutions, our clients have come to appreciate us for this reason in addition to the affordable nature of our products & services.

After all, the primary objective of our VASE service delivery unit is to maximize value with minimum input in terms of costs be they seen or hidden. Our teams guarantee a value-added effect across all your end-to-end operations.

A culture of innovation has propelled VASE since its inception. Today, thanks to exceptional people, we lead the market in production operation solutions, user-interface & application technologies.

1. Production Operations:

Our production operations professionals are trusted advisors of leading organizations focused on creating & sustaining value for our clients using big data, data science, value chain analysis & more. Our teams work with both senior leadership & junior staff across functional areas, applying our expertise & deep industry knowledge to develop innovative & flexible solutions to solve our clients’ primary challenges.

We help clients create & sustain value by:

  • Establishing strategies to change, grow, adapt, shape and respond to disruptive forces
  • Engaging with customers on their terms
  • Turning their technology vision into reality
  • Leveraging their people as a strategic asset
  • Optimizing their operations and streamlining support functions
  • Converting their data into insight
  • Transforming risk into a strategic advantage
  • Embedding governance, risk, & compliance throughout their organization, supply chain, & business ecosystems
  • Mitigating threats to their operations, IT systems & business
  • & buying, selling, funding or restructuring their business or partnering with others.

2. Atommata:

Through our partnership with WCAD Technology's Atommata Software Developers & Researchers, we are able to offer our clients a number of IoT solutions at a fraction of market fees. Our IoT teams are known for their rapid project completion rates & affordable fees with a focus on the following areas of;

Enterprise Program Development - where our services are in full maturity through our primary offerings of;

a) Website Development - build interactive & responsive websites for your personal brand or business.
b) Software Development - build simple or complex software to help you manage or run your business.
c) Mobile Application Development - build agile mobile applications accessible from any mobile device.
d) Other User Interfaces & Journeys - ensure your user interfaces & journeys meet the modern-day trends of consumption such as a preference to experiences & access over ownership.

Enterprise Resource Software - where we are still developing our SaaS solutions for public access. Currently our teams are working on bringing the following enterprise resource softwares to market;
a)Albatross - for all your internal or external cash flow management, from payrolls to payments.
b)The Networkers - for your human resource management, both permanent & temporary staff.

Why You Should Join Us:

Our VASE solutions will help you to first measure & then improve on your current or future production operations as well as points of value creation. Our skilled teams walk with our clients side-by-side at every step of what is usually a daunting transformation journey particularly when one is starved of the right expertise or know-how. BSC VASE solutions help in addressing these challenges before they arise allowing for performance optimization & value creation.

Our blending of experts from the professional services sectors with information technology natives has enabled us to curve a unique market position in offering a rare but effective problem-solving strategy owing to our diverse & holistic look at the challenge unique to each of our esteemed clients.

Getting Started:

To access our broad array of services, request to have an account opened on this platform & our Front Desk Bureau will respond immediately & instruct you accordingly.

For swift processing, potential clients are requested to submit all their necessary details when prompted to create a profile during the account creation process.


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